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With the addition of heat pumps, our customers can enjoy unique features like zone control. That means there’s no need to heat and cool unused rooms, making heat pumps a convenient, cost-efficient, and worthwhile addition to any household. With a wide range of ductless and ducted systems, Dave’s Heat Pumps can find the solution that will work best for your home.


Wall Units: Stylish and simple, these units are highly popular and allow for airflow to be directed right where you need it.
Floor Units: Floor console units can be a little more expensive, but they are a great alternative for rooms where wall space is limited.
Ceiling Cassettes: Available in one-way or four-way units, ceiling cassettes are recessed into the ceiling which conceals most of the components leaving a discrete, clean alternative to wall or floor units.


Ducted systems provide heated or cooled air to your entire home or specific zones through vents located in either your floor, wall, or ceiling. Ducted systems are a great option for new construction, but may also be designed as a retrofit of your existing system.

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